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In this workshop we will use recycled paper to create vessels that symbolize our body’s experience of trauma. We will be working to transform literal and metaphorical “waste” by forming a relationship with it, showcasing how we are shaped by our lives, and have the ability to grow and transform, finding wisdom within our process. This is an opportunity to introspect. These vessels will become lighting fixtures and be displayed as an installation at the final event symbolizing the insight that comes from slowing down and being with our own resiliency. The intent of this workshop is to work through emotional transformation so it is not suggested as a drop-in workshop for kids. If children are to come, we recommend for them to be over the age of 11. What to expect: Papermaking Introspective Writing and Thinking Guidelines: Bring your own paper! Sort by color! YES: Letters, matte paper, tissue paper, newspaper, junk mail NO: Shiny, waxy, or glossy paper, paper with plastic tape, cardboard.

March 3 and 10
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