The 2021 California State Budget included a 60 million dollar one-time General Fund allocation for the California Arts Council to implement the California Creative Corps pilot program – a media, outreach, and engagement campaign designed to increase: 

Public health awareness and pandemic recovery

Public awareness related to water and energy conservation, climate mitigation, and emergency preparedness, relief, and recovery;

Awareness of civic engagement and election participation; and

Community engagement and awareness around social justice.


  • Put artists to work
  • This program will address 4 key topics that were identified at the state level. Artists will work with community-based organizations to create new, groundbreaking work and  messaging focused on the following topics:
    • public health and pandemic recovery 
    • water & energy conservation and disaster preparedness & recovery
    • civic engagement and voter participation
    • & social justice and community engagement
  • Serve communities in Quartile 1 on the California Healthy Place Index map – or HPI map.
  • Regrant directly to artists; and regrant to organizations and agencies to hire artists.

*Creative Corps Inland SoCal partners did not create the California Healthy Places Index map or take part in developing criteria, or deciding on healthy indicators. The intention of California Arts Council funding is to provide a broad geographic reach and to serve all 58 counties in California – while prioritizing communities that demonstrate the highest levels of need as indicated by the California Healthy Places Index.

Healthy Places Index

California Healthy Places Index

The Healthy Places Index – or HPI as we call it – is a project of the Public Health Alliance of Southern California, which is a coalition of 10 local health departments in Southern California. The HPI map uses indicators of health – economic circumstance, education, and social factors to rank census tracts from highest to lowest in the order of their impact as social drivers of health.

On the HPI map, they are shown in quartiles with dark blue representing Quartile 1 – indicating areas of the highest need on the Healthy Places Map. Light blue would be considered high priority and Quartile Bright green is the Quartile 4 – or the healthiest based on the ranking of health indicators.

Find where you live on the map here:

Demo and Tutorial on how to use the HPI :